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The creative hub for educators

We emphasize on learning experience and overturn the traditional way of education that focus on imparting knowledge and progressive style learning. We see every activity, as an important experience that helps our children exploring the world. “Interactive” is the core of our approach. We believe learning should be like a spider web that diffused to all direction, but not linear that focus on grade promotion and key performances. We design our learning units like the building blocks, that is flexible to assemble in a way that could be custom made for each child, yet connected in a spiral way.

Benefits of our training programs

The best instructors have designed the most creative and fun lessons ready-to-teach for you.

 Flexible contents

The lessons include English, Cantonese and Putonghua, with different subjects such as emotions, weather, festivals etc. Topics including musical elements, instruments, creative art, creative movement etc. are also clearly listed so you can choose what you need.

Ready-to-teach lesson plans

The training program is carefully designed so you can follow the lesson plans to teach your class right away.

Supporting materials

Lesson plans pdf, printable worksheets and music used in the lessons are all included.

Meet Our Team


Cathy Wong


aniDa Chan

Head Trainer


Maggie Ho

Head Trainer


Rachel Shiu

Business Development

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